Replica Of Authentic Autographed Poster  18" x 24"

Signatures of Bob Bondurant, Scooter Patrick, George Follmer, Davey Jordan, Elliot Forbes - Robinson, Jim Dittemore, John Morton, Pete Lovely, Howden Ganley, Lothar Motschenbacher, , Oscar Koveleski, Peter Brock, Andy Porterfield, Dave Friedman, Tony Settember, Peter Bryant, Dave Wolin, Bruce Kessler, Joe Playan, Jerry Grant, Bill Pollack, Eric Haga, Tony Adamowicz, Ralph Ormsbee,Toly Arutunoff, Jerry Entin, Pete Lyons, Doug Hooper, Bob Schilling,  Dick Guldstrand, Bill Krause,Tom Meehan, George Keck, Jim Jeffords and maybe 1 or 2 we missed.


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