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Joe Scalzo 


This is an informal introduction to the new and hitherto unpublished writings and reminiscences of veteran motorsports journalist, my friend, Joe Scalzo.

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Joe Scalzo

Here’s some good news … even though all of Joe Scalzo’s remarkably vibrant books on the racing sport are out of print, many of them are still available from used book sellers that one can find on the internet. 

Of all Joe’s books, perhaps his best is “City of Speed” … the story of Joe’s home town and the sort of impact that the often eclectic (and always brilliant) cast of characters living thereabouts had on American racing. 

All of his books are recommended of course and, if you like what you read here, all are quite well worth the effort to find and buy one for your library.  -DS

Stories By Joe  ( )
Joe Scalzo022 - "An Old March at Indy"

Joe Scalzo33 Best - " The Best Indy 500's" 

Joe Scalzo3015 Miles - "The Maserati 8CTF Saga"

Joe ScalzoAir Raid - "Hissos and Rangers"

Joe ScalzoAscot - "So Cal Racing Legend"

Joe ScalzoAssassin's Eyes - "Eddie Rickenbacker and Ray Crawford"

Joe ScalzoAssassinated - "The Elmer George Story"

Joe ScalzoAutumn - "Manzanita, Ascot and Phoenix"

Joe ScalzoBanned - "Tim Flock"

Joe ScalzoBeursgoeroe - "Van Rossem and Onyx F-1"

Joe ScalzoBilly Al - "Billy Al Bengston; Racer and Artist"

Joe ScalzoBird Cage Bob - "Bob Drake and Birdcage Masers"

Joe ScalzoBlack Widow Spider - "The 4.4 Ferrari Failure"

Joe ScalzoBlam - "Mauri Rose"

Joe ScalzoBlood Sport - "Risking Their Lives in a 4.9"

Joe ScalzoBrothers - "Dick and Jim's Brothers Act"

Joe ScalzoBuck - "A Bob Hannah Story"

Joe ScalzoBugatti Queen - "The Helle Nice Story"

Joe ScalzoBunkie - "Bunkie Knudsen and Smokey Yunick"

Joe ScalzoCandle - "Andetti and Foyt; Burning the Candle at Both Ends"

Joe ScalzoCarpetbagging - "Leon Duray and Bob Topping"

Joe ScalzoCharisma Kills - "Swede Savage and Ralph Hepburn"

Joe ScalzoChrome Wheels - "A Ricardo Rodriguez Story"

Joe ScalzoClans - "Western States Sprint Car Championship 1972

Joe ScalzoCobb - "About John Cobb"

Joe ScalzoColin - "DeLorean, Chapman and Monise"

Joe ScalzoCrowd Roars - "Racing Films"

Joe ScalzoCurtis and Bill - "Curtis Turner vs Bill France"

Joe ScalzoDario Resta - "Dario Resta"

Joe ScalzoDear Fangio - "Fangio, Floyd Clymer and Indy"

Joe ScalzoDaly - "Derek Daly"

Joe ScalzoDB - "Dick Simon"

Joe ScalzoDick - "The Dick Mann Story"

Joe ScalzoDillinger - "His Wheelmen Were Racers"

Joe ScalzoDodger - "Rodger Ward"

Joe ScalzoDoug - "Doug Wolfgang

Joe ScalzoDung Beetle - "The Scarabs"

Joe ScalzoEightball - "Midgets at Riverside"

Joe ScalzoFangio - "Juan Manuel Fangio"

Joe ScalzoFun Fellows - "Ted Field, Ongais and Interscope"

Joe ScalzoFrank - "Frank Lockhart"

Joe ScalzoHearst vs Racing - "Motor Racing Kills"

Joe ScalzoHooligan - "Jalopy Derby - Gardena and Riverside"

Joe ScalzoHorse With No Name - "J.N. Roberts and the Barstow to Vegas".

Joe ScalzoHoward and Joe - "The Strange Life of Howard Hughes"

Joe ScalzoHudson - "Hudson Racing History"

Joe ScalzoHunter's Week - "Al Miller at Indy"

Joe ScalzoIron Man - "An Ed Kretz Story"

Joe ScalzoIt's Me - "Tony Bettenhausen"

Joe ScalzoJan - "Mansell, Opperman and Coffeen"

Joe ScalzoJewel - "Cobb's Pandora and Horn's Jewel Box

Joe ScalzoJiggler Joe - "Jiggler Joe Gemsa's Interesting Motors"

Joe ScalzoKick Ass - "Mike Bast and Bruce Penhall"

Joe ScalzoKidnapped - "The Cal Bailey Story"

Joe ScalzoLil' Red Rooster - "Racing Associates, Donnie Davis and More"

Joe ScalzoLimey's - "Slugger, Rabbit, Chalkie and Angel"

Joe ScalzoLittle Boy - "Reminiscinces of Indy"

Joe ScalzoLoosey Goosey - "Another Jan Opperman Story"

Joe ScalzoLSR - "Breedlove vs Arfons"

Joe ScalzoLuck Runs Out - "Lucky Casner's Story"

Joe ScalzoMad Dog - "Art Malone at Daytona"

Joe ScalzoMadmen - "New York to Paris; 1908"

Joe ScalzoMarch - "The March (Much Advertised Racecar Hoax) Story"

Joe ScalzoMarijuana - "Whittingtons, Lanier, Paul, Etc."

Joe ScalzoMay Pop - "The 1956 Indy 500"

Joe ScalzoMonster - "Troy Ruttman"

Joe ScalzoMoviestar - "James Dean"

Joe ScalzoMurderer - "The Mickey Thompson Story"

Joe ScalzoNever Quit - "Don Shepherd - Sprint Car Owner" 

Joe ScalzoNo Relief - "Heat at Indy"

Joe ScalzoNumber 98 - "Agajanian and Parnelli"

Joe ScalzoOctober 3, 1965 - "Roger Penske: Racing Driver"

Joe ScalzoOdyssey - "Jan Opperman's Diary"

Joe ScalzoOld Men - "Racing's Tyrant Stewards"

Joe Scalzo"Ol' Yeller" - "Max Balchowky's Racing Story"

Joe ScalzoPete and Ruth - "Pritchard and Levy - Women Racers"

Joe ScalzoRide Buyers - " Boyer and Thatcher"

Joe ScalzoRocky - "Rocky Moran and Indy"

Joe ScalzoRooked - "Tommy Lee and Silver Arrows"

Joe ScalzoRubber Checks - "Tire Wars"

Joe Scalzo
Sal and Rajo - "Scarpitta and Rajo Jack"

Joe ScalzoSanctioning Bodies - "From AAA to USAC to CART"

Joe ScalzoSay What - "Winner's Words"

Joe ScalzoScold - "The Longhorn Racing Saga"

Joe ScalzoSix Toe - "The Louie Meyer Story"

Joe ScalzoSlide Job Sled - "Mickey Thompson's Kurtis 500X"

Joe ScalzoStart Cheating - "Electro Pacer Lights at Indy"

Joe ScalzoStopped Racing - "The AMA Ban and More"

Joe ScalzoTed and the Outlaws - "Ted Johnson and the WoO"

Joe ScalzoThe Nationals "Knoxville Sprint Cars"

Joe ScalzoTMC - "Californians at Indy"

Joe ScalzoUSAC Sprint Car Driver - "Mickey Rupp, Go Karts and Indy"

Joe ScalzoVestris - "Fearless Drivers Lost at Sea"

Joe ScalzoViva Chuck - "Chuck Daigh"

Joe ScalzoWooly - "Van Johnson"

Joe ScalzoZoom - " Harry Miller and Offenhauser"

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