Ascot Chronicles
"The People That Made It Happen"

 Ascot Chronicles, the 467 page encyclopedia of Ascot, features biographies, stories, quotes, photos and articles about 130 drivers, workers, fans, photographers and journalists who made an impact on Ascot. From 1957 to 1990, Ascot was the greatest half mile dirt track in America.

From Agajanian to Woodland, you’ll read about early racers Rip Erickson, Scotty Cain, Allen Heath,  and Hal Minyard, car builders Bruce Bromme and Gary Sigman; sprint car winners  Jimmy Oskie, Ron Shuman, Dean Thompson, John Redican and more; motorcycle racers Dave Aldana, Mert Lawill, Eddie Lawson, Gene Romero and Eddie Mulder and some who switched to sprint cars like Sonny Nutter and Eddie Wirth; stock car winners like Ray Elder and Jerry Johnson; women racers Hila Sweet, Stevi Cederstrom and Maria Schneider, Turkey Night winners Tony Simon and Rick Goudy; team owners Steve Lewis and Alex Morales; photographer Earl Stubbs; people who made Ascot work like Rico Hawkes and Evelyn Pratt and about another hundred more.