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Bill Pollack (1925 - 2017) , a WWII bomber pilot, was a very successful race car driver in the early days of west coast racing, winning at Pebble Beach in an Allard as well as at Golden Gate Park, Reno, Torrey Pines, Palm Springs and many more historic venues. He is credited with designing the iconic Willow Springs race Track. As a contemporary of Phil Hill, Dan Gurney, Carroll Shelby and others, in later years he interviewed them and a number of other racers significant to Southern California racing history. Thanks to his daughter for providing these and to Steve Johnson for posting them to You Tube.

Bill's book, "Red Wheels and White Sidewalls" is available at Autobooks in Burbank and from a number of online sources.

George Barris -

Ann Bothwell -

Dave Bracken and Tommy Farrell -

Harold Daigh -

Walker Edmiston and Bill Molle -

Art Evans -

Bob Falcon -

Dick Guldstrand -

Earl Gandel -

Dan Gurney -

Alice Hanks -

Sam Hanks (Brock Yates interview) -

Alma Hill -

Phil Hill -

Bill Huth -

Davey Jordan -

Bruce Kessler -

Tom Malloy -

Bruce Meyer -

Charles Morgan -

John Morton interviewed by George Notaras) -

Warren Olsen -

Michael Cannell interviews Bill Pollack -

Bill Pollack talks about his racing years -

Bill Pollack honored at Monterey 2002 -

1950s SCCA racer Phil Schaeffer -

Carroll Shelby -

Ginny Sims -

Pete Vanlaw -

Bill Watkins -

Larry Watson -

Cy Yedor -